Eat a Mongolian Goat Head

fun fundraising idea Eat a Mongolian Goat Head

Eat a Mongolian Goat Head COMPLETED

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A whole goat head is considered a prized delicacy in Mongolia. Traditionally, the goat head is placed in a pot with potatoes, carrots, onions and boiled for hours, and is very expensive to order in Ulaan Baataar restaurants. We got ours special ordered from our nice hotel manager. He knew of some chef who specialized in this delicacy so we had it delivered to us, in Chinggis Khan style!

How did it taste? Surprisingly, the texture of our meat was bouncy yet soft and the tongue is firm and lean. Hint of smokiness greeted our palates, followed with subtle flavor of herbivore gaminess. It was not salty at all, but rather "natural" tasting. And yes, as we promised, we ate both of the eyeballs too.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your donations!!! Together we saved over 3 acres of rainforest in Peru through our charity Cool Earth!

fun fundraising idea Eat a Mongolian Goat Head
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We Are Team Hippo - Mongol Rally 2014

CAUSE: Cool Earth

Eat a Mongolian Goat Head

Will eating a whole goats head, truly make us ralliers smarter? Find out as we finish our race with Mongolian’s national dish served up on a golden platter. A whole goats head, with the eyes, tongue, and eyelashes ready to be consumed, by Graham, Kenneth and Young. This mission can’t be missed, as these dum-dum’s turn into smarties, donate to find out for your self.

Some cultural aspects to a boiled goat’s/sheep’s head meal in Mongolia.

1. Only one person eats BOTH the eyes. You might go blind in the eye you don’t eat. Normally Dad or the man of the house eats the eyes. Or anyone who gets the first one out if you are with friends. You throw the pupil underhand through the tiny holes in the top of a ger. The left pupil through the left window and the right pupil through the right window.

2. Only a female is to eat the roof of the mouth. She also eats the whole thing. The woman who eats the roof of the mouth increases her sewing abilities.

3. Many times they give the nose of the goat to the dog. Helps the dog ward off intruders.


A Youtube video of three of us eating this delicacy! We guarantee we will finish the entire head!

Plus the satisfaction of saving the rainforest by donating to Cool Earth.





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